The Noisettes

Red hot London trio The Noisettes are currently celebrating their recent chart success, but aren’t set to let that get in the way of releasing their new album ‘Wild Young Hearts’.

The Noisettes emerged from the London indie scene with a batch of stunning garage soul tracks, singer Shingai Shoniwa’s striking stage presence and incredible voice making them a vicious live proposition.

After a limited edition single on indie powerhouse Transgressive the group signed with Motown (yes, really) and released their debut album ‘What’s The Time Mr Wolf?’ to lukewarm acclaim. After parting from the label the group began to work on a new sound, re-emerging with a dose of glitz and glamour borrowed from the disco scene.

The Noisettes released their new single ‘Don’t Upset The Rhythm’ recently, which seems to have got the nation addicted to their synth-pop sound. Flying straight into the charts at number two, the band are now set to follow that success with their new album.

‘Wild Young Hearts’ retains much of a the venomous garage sound that underpinned the group’s debut album, but adds a nod to the dancefloor. The album was due to be released much later, but due to the overwhelming success of the single and massive demand for more material, ‘Wild Young Hearts’ has been brought forward.

Produced by Jim Abiss, the record shows singer Shingai Shoniwa rapidly turning into a modern Debbie Harry.

The Noisettes’s new album ‘Wild Young Hearts’ in stores and itunes now.