Vibe with Diggy

Vibe Magazine Article on Diggy Simons:
With the recent signing of teen rapper Diggy Simmons to Atlantic Records, we can’t say we were surprised. After all, the 15-year-old son of hip hop legend Run of the iconic group Run DMC, has some serious rhyme firepower and vision. But he’s not the only youngster to boldly pick up the mic and make some noise. Through the years, there have been multi-platinum pubescent stars (Kriss Kross, ABC, Lil’ Bow Wow); lyrical wonders (Buckshot Shorty of Black Moon, Chi Ali, Illegal, Da Youngstas, Shyheim, Ali Vegas) and girl-powered rhymers (Roxanne Shante, MC Trouble). Still, if Diggy is looking for inspiration for teen rap success, he should look no further than the following talents listed below. But there’s only one stipulation: no one over 16 is admitted. That means the prodigious likes of the Will “The Fresh Prince” Smith (17), Nas (18) and Busta Rhymes (19), who all made their perspective debuts before legal drinking age, didn’t make the cut.