I love this new record from Mark Ronson’s upcoming solo album titled “Record Collection”. I read a while back that D’ Angelo was back in the studio working on new material, and that the new sound he is going for is kinda afro punk D’ Angelo said he has been inspired by the old school afro punk band Black Murda.

Mark Ronson on working with D’ Angelo:“We used to have the same manager. He said I’ve been speaking to D’Angelo and he really wants to work with you. I was taken aback because he’s a genius and can play every instrument. What would he need me for? I wasn’t going to blow my chance to work with him just because I was nervous or intimidated. He came to the studio. It was almost like a mirage when he showed up, because he has such a reputation as a recluse. All the guys in the band are great musicians; they don’t get phased by pop stars. It was the one day when everyone was running around cleaning up and laying out trays of vegetables and dip and s***. It was ridiculous.

“I had the instrumental to ‘Glass Mountain Trust.’ It was a track I had written with Anthony Rossomando. I said I know this doesn’t sound anything like a D’Angelo track, but this is my favorite track on the record that we still don’t have anything on. I had written ‘Glass Mountain Trust’ on it because that was always Anthony’s working title. I think D’Angelo interpreted that as me saying the song had to be called “Glass Mountain Trust.” He wrote this insane entire song about being trapped in this glass pyramid, comparing it to smashing your way out. That’s the chorus: I want to break out/I want to break out/and take back all my loving on the way out.”

“So afterward he said, ‘What does glass mountain trust mean to you?’ I said, ‘Nothing man. It was a working title.’ He was like, ‘Oh, now you tell me.’ But it’s great that he did it like that because it’s kind of like the art piece of the record, the weird abstract one. I have a tendency to want to be quite poppy and glossy. I don’t have that genius poetic limb that makes me think of things like what a glass mountain trust would mean.”